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Lima Charlie American Lager - 4.5% ABV

We use Citra Hops to keep this traditional beer light on the pallet but complex enough to thoroughly enjoy. As its name suggests, "L.C." is clear and to the point. For those of you asking for a distinct easy-going beer, we hear you L.C.! 

The phonetic pronunciation for the abbreviation L.C. stands for "Loud and Clear," used in a good radio check. For example, "Temple 1-2, Cycle 0-9 Radio Check."  "Cycle 0-9, Temple 1-2 has you Lima Charlie." 

Hoverfly Wheat Beer - 4.5% ABV  

Pale and slightly hazy, our unfiltered wheat stands out with its refreshing aroma and tart citrus undertones.  Just like its namesake, our Hoverfly Wheat gives a quick lift above the ground clutter and back to some much needed R&R. 

Introduced in 1942, the Sikorsky R-4 (or HNS-1) "Hoverfly" was the first helicopter used by the US Armed Forces.  

Home Plate Blonde Pale Ale - 4.5% ABV

Clear and pale, our traditional Pale Ale is the point of reference for a balanced beer. The blonde is an American / European style of Pale Ale, offering a fuller body and mouthfeel than a lager, but less hops and fewer bitter notes than an IPA. The aroma is crisp with notes of grassy citrus. If you're looking for the middle ground between a lighter lager and a multi-hopped IPA, this is home plate. 

In aviation, Home Plate refers to the aircraft’s home airfield. 

Hoverfly Strawberry Rhubarb Wheat - 4.5% ABV

Our Hoverfly original with a strawberry and rhubarb twist. 

Hoverfly Orange Wheat - 4.5% ABV

Our Hoverfly original with a citrus kick. 

Buzz the Tower NE Style IPA - 6.7% ABV

Cutting through the dense haze of our New England style IPA are complex hints of citrus and fruit paired with sharper notes Galaxy and El Dorado Hops. Note how the aromas and flavors hit together quickly up front and leave a smooth, smashable finish.  This type of fly-by is memorable, leaving you looking for it again next time. 

Buzzing the tower is a historic, yet forbidden maneuver, where the pilot flys low and fast as close to the airfield control tower as possible. While it was considered a flamboyant, reckless act, it was widely accepted that the best pilots had leeway to bolster morale and inspire the “green” aviators. Of course, this maneuver was made famous in the 1986 movie, Top Gun. 

Buzz the Tower Mango NE Style IPA - 6.7% ABV

Our Buzz the Tower original with a juicy mango edge. 

Hat in the Ring Hefeweizen - 5.8% ABV

Smooth and hazy, our Hat in the Ring Hefeweizen is our entrant into the segment of traditional wheat beers. The beer itself is full bodied and complex. Note that the aroma of banana, toffee and cloves is purely a function of the Bavarian yeast reacting with the composition of the wheat grains. We really hope you enjoy this Hefe as much as we do! 


“Hat in the Ring Gang” was the name of the 94th Pursuit Squadron - America's first operational aircraft squadron- made famous by Medal of Honor recipient and fighter Ace, Eddie Rickenbacker. These were the first American pilots to fly in WWI. One of the pilots reportedly said, “Uncle Sam has thrown his hat in the ring, and so have we.” Hence the squadron logo of Uncle Sam’s top hat in the red ring.  

Wing Walker Pear Hard Cider - 5.0% ABV

There's no hidden agenda here -we intentionally crafted this semi-sweet pear cider to balance the sweetness and tartness of fresh apples and pears without masking or understating either feature. Wing Walker has a naturally pale color with light copper tones.  Just like its namesake, our Wing Walker Cider offers a refreshing perspective that only comes from intentional balance and attention to detail. 

The term “wing walker” is used a few different ways, typically referring to a ground crewman who walks along the wingtip of the aircraft to help the pilot avoid hard-to-see obstructions. It is also used to refer to the maintenance personnel or crew chief who walks along the top of the aircraft to conduct repairs or a visual inspection.  

Wing Walker Pineapple Hard Cider - 5.0% ABV

A tart pick-me-up to our Hard Cider. 

Dark Star American Vanilla Porter - 5.5% ABV

Our Porter runs a deep ruby color with natural notes of vanilla chocolate, toffee, and light smoke. While it’s easy to want to overdo a heavier beer, we intentionally keep the extra adjuncts down to let the bitters from the Cascade hops balance the malty flavor of the grains. 


“Dark Star” is a brevity term used in military aviation to refer to an illumination round that fails to properly ignite or fails to properly deploy its parachute.     

Dark Star Chocolate Porter - 5.5% ABV

Our American Porter with a sweet hint of chocolate. 

Craft Root Beer - Non-Alcoholic

Root Beer by the Appalachian Brewing Co. in Harrisburg, PA. Their blend is made from scratch and uses pure cane sugar. Note that we lightly carbonate with a mix of nitrogen for a smoother pour and less bite. Try a splash in our L.C. Lager for a hopped summertime shandy. Of course, on its own, this is a good one to offer to the little aviators! 

Craft Limeade Soda - Non-Alcoholic

Straight forward and smooth, our Limeade is lightly carbonated offering a refreshing standalone drink for the warmer weather. For those who prefer a sweeter adult beverage, our Limeade is a perfectly balanced citrus mixer for your shandy of choice. Try a splash in either our Hoverfly Orange Wheat or Buzz the Tower Mango NE Style IPA.  Of course, if you have the family along, see what the kids think of this summer "lemon-aid" on its own. 

Sangria - Pinnacle Ridge Sweet Red Wine - 13.5% ABV

This is a classic red sangria with citrus lemon and lime.  It has just enough sweetness to balance the acidity of the wine. 

Pinot Grigio - Pinnacle Ridge White Wine - 13% ABV

We find this Pinot Grigio to have aromas and flavors of pear and green apple. The wine is medium-bodied with balanced acidity - perfect for lighter cuisine. 

Cabernet Sauvignon - Pinnacle Ridge Red Wine - 13% ABV

A classic fruit-forward red wine with supple tannins.

Pinnacle Ridge has been making world-class wines for 20 years. A recent addition to Stewartstown, PA, Pinnacle Ridge has received both national and international acclaim for its wines and continues to be the most awarded winery in Pennsylvania. The winemaking philosophy at Pinnacle Ridge is one of minimal intervention using traditional methods. 

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