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When we found Stewartstown, PA, we knew we had finally found a place we wanted to put down roots.


We spent the weekend visiting family just south of snow mecca Buffalo, NY, where David and Katie grew up. Eight months of snow and cold was our norm. (I have no idea why we still choose to return in January.)

After we got married, we spent our first decade together skipping from simmering southern Arizona to California's deathly hot Mojave Desert to Richmond, Virginia's muggy summer haze.

Coupled with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Dave knew he didn't want to settle where the sun melted his soul. Cold-blooded Katie never wanted to spend another winter buried in snow.

In the course of eight years, we moved a dozen times and spent months living out of cramped hotel rooms with two, then three kids.

Our miniature hotel Christmas tree the year we spent hopping from room to room.

Then we discovered picturesque Stewartstown, Pennsylvania and for the first time, felt we had found a place we could stay for a very long time. As Dave often says, “you could bury me here.”

Stewartstown PA is home.

Digging deeper roots

We love being a part of this beautiful-souled community. We look forward to digging our roots even deeper and creating a community gathering space as we open a brick-and-mortar brewery in the heart of the borough.

We'll see you there!

David & Katie

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