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A tale of two brothers

When I was a boy, I longed to fly. I loved that -through intentionality, research, trial and error, and courage- people could create machines to leverage the laws of physics and offer mankind the gift of flight. Years later, I found myself sharing the skies with my brothers--literally.

My younger brother joined the United States Marine Corps (USMC) some 18 months behind me. Like myself, he was an enlisted aircrewman, only he was assigned to helicopters.

Having graduated top of his class at his aircraft maintenance school, he was given orders to HMX-1, the USMC helicopter squadron dedicated to supporting the President of the United States (POTUS) and dignitaries. There he grew in experience and rank and was eventually selected

by his peers to be a Marine-1 crew chief. In other words, he was entrusted to fly with President George W. Bush.

Around this time, Katie's brother, a very close friend of both me and my brother, enlisted in the USMC. He too was set on the aircrew track where he served as a CH-53 crew chief. After 3 combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan (with meritorious actions), he was given orders to HMX-1.

Similarly, he was selected by his peers to fly on Marine-1. During his tour at HMX-1, he flew with both President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump.

Katie's brother serving on Marine-1 under President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump.

Today, they are both continuing their active duty service. My brother since went on to get an officer's commission. After nearly a decade as an attack helicopter pilot, he now flies fighter jets. He remains a faithful husband and committed father.

Following his tour at HMX-1, my brother-in-law moved on to receive a warrant officer's commission. He currently supports a much larger aviation logistics role. He remains a faithful husband and committed father.

It's because of men like my brother and brother-in-law that we started Aviator Brew Hub. Through our brews, we hope to share the stories of gallantry, dedication, and sacrifice that inspire us to connect with our history, purpose, potential, and the people around us.

Presidents Day should neither be ignored nor politically charged. We are blessed to have had such a legacy of service and sacrifice spanning generations. For us at Aviator Brew Hub, we will continue to honor the real people who fulfilled their commitments with courage and faithfulness.


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