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Happy New Year from Aviator Brew Hub! We have big dreams and goals for 2023 - namely to have Aviator Brew Hub ready to roll by late spring 2023!

We never dreamed of owning a brewery.

So many people we meet have dreamed of owning their own brewery or restaurant for years.

But that wasn’t us.

We had stable jobs with benefits that paid our bills. We had four kids and a dog and a guinea pig in a quaint Victorian house with a little white fence in rural Pennsylvania.

We were comfortable.

Often it’s in our comfort though that we begin to feel called out.

Month after month, year after year, we looked around our community and saw a lot of empty buildings and not many places that catered to the entire family.

As friends and neighbors and coworkers got older or lost family or received a diagnosis, they shared the same message with us:

Live while you’re alive. Life is about so much more than security and comfort.

An idea began to take root and visions of Aviator Brew Hub began to grow.

We found 18 S. Main St., the old My Three Sons, and before that a train-themed restaurant, and before that a grocery store, in Stewartstown Square.

Here's the before walkthrough of Aviator Brew Hub. Lots of work to do!

We thought we were ready to sign a lease in July 2022 when suddenly the owner said he was selling the building. Dave had resigned from his job just days before, ready to pursue the endeavor full time.

Our plans screeched to a halt and we spent the summer toying with other locations, wondering what was next.

In September, Stewartstown Square went up for auction and out of the blue, a man from York showed up and made the winning bid.

Within a few weeks, we had a lease with new owner Brandon Hershey and his partners, and a few weeks after that, our financing was complete. We were back on the fast track.

Our goal is to create a space in Stewartstown that welcomes members of every generation for craft brews and rich community while honoring military aviators. Through Aviator Brew Hub, we hope our patrons connect with their History, Purpose, Potential, and Others.

None of it would be possible without our amazingly supportive team and community.

You inspire us to keep going every day. We can’t wait to throw back a brew with you when we finally open our doors, hopefully in the spring of 2023!

Happy New Year!


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